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PMTAC that Fits into Your Practice.

Our revenue cycle management services seamlessly fit into your practice. No need for complicated interfaces, expensive start ups costs, or a long term contract.

PMTAC's teams of Certified Professional Coders and medical billing reimbursement specialists provide complete medical billing services on your existing EHR software or we can help you switch to the award winning eClinicalWorks EHR suite.

We've helped hundreds of practices overcome declining reimbursement, low collections, and high denials. Gain 24/7 transparency into the status of your claims and see how PMTAC's teams of experienced medical billers can increase your revenue.

About Us

While service companies generally aim to create a happy customer and look forward to a contract renewal, product companies thrive on innovation. While PMTAC is a service company, customer satisfaction and retention is not enough. We have a need to innovate more efficiently to create more value for our customers. Great service will never go out of style and customer service will not be sacrificed for automation.